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Planning a wedding is not an easy task, it can without doubt turn into an extremely stressful time. Not only do you have to be concerned with all of the details, but the money is flying out of the window quicker than you can make it.

Here are few tips to save money on your wedding;

  1. Save your green by adding green to your floral. Adding more greenery and less floral can save you money. When you add exotic flowers or flowers that are not within season, these items can sometimes cost 5x more than roses. Also, if you stick with one type of flower for your bouquet and centerpieces, your florists will be able to order them in bulk which reduce the costs for them and you in the end.

Also, just get a bouquet for you. After all, you are the Princess/Queen for the day. There are several alternatives to bouquets for your bridesmaids. They can carry candles, silk pomander balls (Michaels has them for $9.99), bibles, book of poetry or even a lantern.

  1. Say yes to the dress, but not the price tag. There are several places to go to find your ideal dress. Prom shops, shops that sell Bridesmaids dresses, consignment stores, Brides Against Breast Cancer events as well as designer sales and sample sales. These places can save you up to 70% off of the retail cost of buying a wedding gown outright.
  2. Reduce your guest list. Want to keep your reception costs down? If you limit your guest list, you can save money. For example, if you go from 150 guests to 100 could save you almost $5000. Not only does reducing your guest list lower your food and bar, but also, it can help reduce the cost of centerpieces as well as your invitations.
  3. Avoid peak time and Saturdays. March – June and September through the beginning of November are peak times to get married here in Vegas. Some vendors such as photographers and videographers may charge more for their services during this time. Reduce these charges by getting married In the summer (I know it is hot as blazes). You could save money on venues, guestrooms and more. Also, get married during the week! There are wedding venues that charge a premium for Friday’s and Saturday’s. Besides, there will be less competition with other wedding couples for your date.
  4. Limit your Bar. The bar can be a huge expense to most wedding couples. But there are ways to provide your guests with alcohol and not break the bank. Serve Beer and Wine, is one way. There is nothing wrong with good old hops and grapes. If your guests want something stronger, they can either come out of pocket and pay for it themselves or treat them to a signature cocktail. Call it a fancy name, like the blushing bride or the “Frank” Collins. Have fun with the names and save $2-4 per person at least.
  5. Cut your cake, literally. Order a smaller cake and serve a larger sheet cake that is cut and served to guests. You could save close to $200 by doing this. Also, opt out of fondant and fresh fruit fillings which some bakers can charge $5 – 7 per person additional. At the end of the day, your cake is going to get eaten, so you don’t need a Cake Boss masterpiece.
  6. Have your ceremony and reception at the same place. Save on transportation by having both wedding events at the same location. No need to transport the bridal party, because they are already there. The best part is that none of your guests will get lost, because they are already there as well. Look for venues that will give you a deal if you book guestrooms with them as well. They may waive the site fee of the location in some cases.
  7. Favor favors? Who said you have to have a favor? Skip it! I am sure your guests are not going to ask where they are. However, if you have a conscience and feel favors are necessary, double duty your favors. There are creative DIY ideas out there that can help you come up with favors/escort cards all in one, such as luggage tags with your guests names on them or picture frames with your guests’ names on them.
  8. Music. Can’t have a party without music! Okay, I am not PRO Ipod. What I am PRO is at least hire a DJ or a band that can orchestrate your reception and get people on the dance floor. If you hire a DJ or band see if they can do the ceremony and the reception. This will save you money in that you don’t have to hire two different vendors and the DJ or band could give you a discount off of services because you are booking them for longer. If you want to hire a band, but the price tag is out of control, hire a smaller band. Meaning, don’t go for the 12 piece, go for the 4. Either way, there must be music and having a professional at the helm is your best bet for a stressful evening.

10. Hire a wedding Planner. I know what you are thinking, “I can’t afford a planner! I thought this was tips on saving me money”. The best investment is hiring a planner. Wedding planners have access to so many resources that they not only can save you tons, but also can steer you away from scams and they have your best interest and wallet at heart. For day of coordination, don’t leave it up to mom or one of your bridesmaids, let them enjoy your day and be an integral part. The wedding planner will ensure that everything goes off without a hitch and what is better than saving cash, than someone who can take the stress away and let you rule your court!

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